Interior Residential

The home is where the heart is. Let MPI refresh the colors schemes of your home to provide comfort and warmth to you, your family and guests. We will help you choose colors schemes and finishes that will have your guests smiling every time you walk into your home. Ceilings, walls, trim, crown molding, doors, we have experience with it all. Give us a call to discuss how you can have a aesthetically pleasing space with a few coats of paint.

We recently completed a full home color change from beige to grey. The ceiling had began to sag in spots and had spider cracking running along most of the ceiling in the living room and basement (pictures above). The video to the left shows the patching of the stress cracks and spider cracks. After scraping, sanding, priming, patching sanding and priming the ceiling came out looking great; as if the ceiling was brand new.

Ceiling Repairs